John Worth

John Worth loved model airplanes.  As much as he loved his family, his friends, and his many fellow modelers, young and old, near and far, before and after everything else, he loved to fly.

He also loved life.  He was curious, optimistic, and fascinated with a great many things. He spent much of his time “in the moment,” looking neither behind nor ahead with much worry or doubt.  From his childhood to his final week, he was learning.  His tastes were simple and his expectations straightforward.  His days were punctuated by his delight in often modest pursuits.

John Worth’s life could have been marked by many early sorrows.  But he seemed to harbor a sense of privilege, more grateful for than expectant of whatever good came his way.

He accepted just about everybody who came into his orbit.  He might not have liked something or someone, but he didn’t seem to feel the need to change much about the world around him.

John Worth passed away peacefully and very quietly on October 23, 2011 at 10:22 p.m. in Sarasota, Florida, at the age of 87.  His daughter, Barbara, and his son, Mark, were at his bedside and the rest of his family and friends held him in their hearts, as they will always.